Air Conditioning Contractors of New England

You know that air conditioning makes you feel cool. But air conditioning is more than cooling. This means that the air temperature and humidity (moisture content) should be kept in a closed place, whether it is a house or an entire building, just to level the comfort of the people inside. This means rotating the air and adding moisture when needed. In the summer, this means removing the air collected over the cold pipes in winter, such as a drop of water in a glass of cold water on a hot, humid day. In fact, we can almost say that air conditioning means creating an artificial, comfortable climate.


The air conditioning unit does not “add coolness” to the air. It eliminates heat. An air conditioner works on the same basic principle as a refrigerator – though it’s not designed to be so low temperature. The heat is taken out of the air by the rapid expansion of a refrigerant as it is transformed into a liquid at high pressure. A small home-type air-conditioning operation is displayed along with a diagram. The air here is directly cooled by the machine. For simplicity, filters and motors do not appear in this image. In large, central installations such as office buildings and schools, a machine cools the water that is piped into a few coils. Air from the building is drawn on these coils and propagated through the building blowers.

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